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Welcome to Literate Solutions

We are a technology company specializing in content management systems and document engineering.  Our solutions can increase the value of your company's information by making it available to the people who need it - quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

Do you need to provide valuable, frequently updated information to your customers, or disseminate critical information to your employees? Do you need to compose and reuse information for presentation in various electronic and printed forms?  We can help.

Our goal is to use our expertise and experience to help your company increase the value of your information by improving the way that information is managed. The result is increased efficiency, flexibility, and opportunity through improved access to and control over your company's electronic assets.

We work primarily with Open Source software systems including, among others, Zope, Plone, and ConTeXt We believe using Open Source solutions offers our clients more and better choices at every step of the development process. We take particular care that our solutions will not lock you into one particular operating system, database, or desktop environment, but will remain flexible and maintainable.


What is Plone?

Plone is the leading Content Management System for the award-winning  Zope application server, and is one of the most sophisticated,  popular, and easy to use Enterprise Content Management Systems on the  market today.  Visit for a detailed description of Plone's features.


What is ConTeXt?

ConTeXt is a high quality typesetting system forged in the crucible  of the educational publishing world, and is capable of satisfying the  most demanding typesetting tasks. Visit for more information.

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